Postcards from Memory Lane: The Jitterbug Cellphone Edition

dont read my diary, thats between me and the Internet

my first world problems .. or third world problems as the case may be .. arent important right now, but this is:
Fri Sep 17 23:52:40 EDT 2021
uncomfortable truth: covid was an act of war perpetrated against american citizens by a uniformed , commissioned , ranked , service branch of the united states government- to wit, the United States Public Health Service which controls Dr Faucis NIH - he directly funded and created this monster - as well its its public propaganda arm. the CDC. this is literally an act of domestic warfare perpetrated on americans by a military branch you didnt even know existed. but go ahead and keep blaming the unvaccinated. for what. i dont know. pfizers stock price not meeting expectations? The one thing you fucking shills will never do, is blame the Jesuit goblin who created and unleashed this shit... again .. and again ... and again.
Sat Sep 18 00:05:02 EDT 2021
AIDS was one of Faucis other pets but youre not ready for that. we have been telling you that for 40 years. google for HIV and ivermectin or HIV and HCQ and you will learn that we knew in 1995 that both drugs reduced HIV viral load. but they werent trying to hear that shit until Atripla hit the market in 2006. AIDS was supposed to be the covid scenario under Jimmy Carter when the georgia guidestones went up and ted turner sat in his office jacking off to his fantasy about playing nearer my god to thee on CNN as the entire world perished. they recruited "promiscuous" volunteers and put aids in the hepatitis b vaccines in san francisco in 1978. aids was deadly all god damn right. 32 million dead. it SHOULD be extremely informative that it wasnt as deadly or as big of a crisis as they wanted in 1980.

Remember swine flu from 1976? originated mysteriously at Fort Dix and infected 330 soldiers. Then a year later its the "russian h1n1" that they blamed on russia/northern china? Which both countries vehemently denied. history doesnt always repeat itself, but sometimes it rhymes. all the plagues for Carter's NWO agenda womp-womp'ed. and so will the corona shit, they played their full hand of cards.

Lol at boomers who say Carter was one of the good presidents.

Some of the "victims" were probably elites who got the vaccine or antidote. They .. probably ... hopefully .. made the same mistake. Black eye club? Whats that thing on your tongue? kaposis sarcoma. dementia what? couldnt have happened to nicer fucking people. now you know what its like to be told you deserve to die from your plagues.

Believe what you want: Either milions of people died because HCQ and ivermectin werent profitable enough to pursue in 1995.. or you can swallow that horseshit in the dallas buyers club that says the MEAN OLD FDA wouldnt give the gays their toxic ass AZT no matter how hard we stomped our feet and begged and cried.

If you believe that horseshit story, im sorry, but okay. did you learn anything from it? Ivermectin is cheap and over the counter, no questions asked in almost every fucking country on the planet except for yours. Whether it does shit for covid is up for debate, but AZT was a chemotherapy drug that not only didnt work on cancer but also didnt work on HIV. So fuck you and fuck that movie if you weep for pallets of unsold AZT and yet cheer on the current bans on ivermectin and HCQ in the USA.
Sat Sep 18 00:17:09 EDT 2021
The middle east needs to get over its 10,000 years of IM THE MARY, YOURE THE RHODA ; and the rest of you need to get past this "i hope you die from the virus" and "i hope you die from the vaccine" bullshit. if you still give a fuck about skin color or race in 2021, lets trade lives because you obviously dont have any real fucking problems. even after the last two nightmarish seasons of clown world.

By the way. HCQ induces apoptosis in non-naive t-cells (meaning cells that are exposed to HIV, cancer, or other mutations. your body only sees two types: CD45RA and CD45RO. apoptosis is when your body places an X across one of those cells.. like marking a tree that needs to be felled) and nicotine INHIBITS apoptosis (preventing your immune system from doing its job and marking those cells for deletion. Nicotene cancels out HCQ.) Ivermectin is an entry/fusion inhibitor that works on most single stranded RNA viruses. Whereas most HIV drugs on the market allow cell infection but then tamper with the replication cycle inside of the cell. thats why protease and integrase inhibitors dont cure you.

Older people have a finite number of t-cells, im not sure about inducing apoptosis in otherwise healthy people on a sustained or long term basis proohylactically with HCQ. FWIW, i am not interested in ivermectin for covid prophylaxis. i take it two days a week with 400mg albendazole on the first day, and i have remained undetectable (give or take 200) for 8 months without HIV meds. I continue to go to DPH for labs and i started using condoms, cause.. why expose myself if im maintaining .. and just in case im unaware of a blip that would suggest i need to resume treatment or increase transmission risk.

Im all in for treatment. A word of caution about prophylaxis in perfectly healthy people: It can generate a cytokine storm, the dying cells will travel to your lungs where they can suffocate you. If youre hoarding and taking the shit "just because," and youre coughing, thats why.

That is the reason I am wary of HCQ but you do you.

I have had issues with muscular and brain inflammation for a number of years. I supposedly have peripheral neuropathy. The physical pain and weakness in my hands / limbs remains unchanges but i have periods where i feel likethe neuro/neuropsych shit is better.

with contempt, from Mexico